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About ecoer Inc.
Ecoer HVAC Inverter System with Smart Technology
Ecoer air conditioner Inverter System with Smart Technology

Core Technology & Mission

Ecoer’s goals are to provide a high efficiency product at an affordable price, simplify the inverter install process and connect the contractor to the homeowner and their systems. By doing this, we hope to see more inverters used in the US residential market, making it easier and faster to install for the contractor and helping save money and energy, with a quicker and more accurate response time for the homeowner.  Ecoer’s Mission Statement is “Making your home Green and Smart”.  We are on a mission to do just that!

Save More And Cost Less

Ecoer makes Inverter systems Easy with smart technology


Ecoer Inc. was established in 2016, with the product launching shortly after in 2017. We are a US company focusing on offering the best ducted Residential Air Conditioner and Heat Pump systems using Inverter and “Smart” IoT Technology. The headquarters are located in Fairfax, Virginia.


Ecoer was founded by Louis Ing and an experienced team with backgrounds in various other AC inverter companies. Who wanted to bring real innovation to the North American industry, by utilizing the latest and most innovative technology available. Ecoer aligned themselves with a strategic partner, Inhand Networks, in order to realize their vision. Through the use of Inhand’s industrial IoT and AI technology, the team was able to develop an affordable high efficiency inverter heat pump and air conditioning system, incorporating smart technology.

Ecoer has grown to multiple locations in 3 countries: United States, Japan, and China. In the United States, there is the headquarters, technical support center, and a warehouse. Japan houses the software development facility, and in China, there is a mechanical and systems engineering, product quality control, and manufacturing. Ecoer partnered with TCL Manufacturing to help assemble their equipment and because they are a $15 billion publicly-traded company that manufactures various technologies as well as other Air Conditioning Brands. Ecoer is rare, in that it is a new HVAC equipment manufacturer, building its own equipment and owning the full rights to its technology.  

Robust, Reliable, Innovative Quality


As Low As 56dB

Night-Time Quiet Mode

Night-Time Quiet Mode Features

Ultimate, Consistent


Inverter technology allows your system to use only as much energy as it needs. A variable speed system maintains consistent comfort levels, regardless of outdoor conditions, by using the proper amount of energy needed. By fluctuating operating speeds rather than running at a constant speed, the Ecoer system saves energy by maximizing lower speed operation while maintaining consistent temperature inside your home.

Compared with fixed speed systems, Ecoer inverters have a much wider capacity range which helps to achieve faster heating and cooling. The system ramps up and down slowly due to the variable speed compressor, saving you on energy costs. With more than 30 variable stage settings, Ecoer inverters provide more accurate and efficient temperature control while using less energy.

Ecoer HVAC Inverter System with smart technology has 30 variable stage settings

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Save Energy & Money

Energy savings up to 50% based on 10 SEER.

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