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Ecoer smart service (ESSS) Mobile App
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Download or update the Ecoer Smart Service Mobile App free from the App Store or Google Play

Making your home Green & Smart

ECOER Smart Service App 2.0

  • Offers Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • View Systems Historical Data Up To 60 days
  • Monitors Equipment 24/7 and Provides Diagnostics
  • Equipment Registration
  • Manuals, Brochures, Submittals, and Parts Breakdown Available
  • Customer Energy Effeciency Recommendations

App Features

ESSS provides automatic alerts:

• Insufficient refrigerant, overcharge, or any leaking

• System or component failures • Key component failure

• Restricted air flow or dirty filter

App Features

ESSS provides real-time data:

• System Status: CompressorRPS, Fan RPM, EEV opening, Capacity, Pressure andTemperature

• A lifetime run history stored in Ecoer’s service cloud / 2 months run history stored in the app

App Features

ESSS suggests solutions to:

• Potential System Faults

• Parts that will need to be repaired in the near future

• Improvements to customer’shome efficiency

Smart Service Pro App Features

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Energy savings up to 50% based on 10 SEER.

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