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Heating and cooling your environment shouldn’t be complicated. Keep it simple with ECOER’s turnkey approach to cost-efficient energy. To get started, we have provided some answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) from homeowners. Don’t see your answer in our FAQ? Give us a call, we’re always happy to help.

Ecoer in a Tropical Climate

Andy Taylor upgraded to an Ecoer system in his home in South Florida in February 2019. Find out how Andy saved money and energy with his new air conditioning system when the temperatures heated up.

Andy’s House

Located in South Florida and experiences a tropical climate

Old Unit

2008 14 SEER Lennox, single stage AC

Ecoer Upgrade

Installed in February 2019

“My Ecoer system has been installed for a year in South Florida and I love it!”  

“Electric rate went up, Temperature went up, Thermostat set point went down, my bill stayed the same = SAVINGS!”   Andy Taylor


Florida Power and Light increased 13% between 2016 -2019. In West Palm Beach Florida June Average Temperature:

2016 (89 degrees)
2017 (88 degrees)
2018 (88 degrees)
2019 (90 degrees)

Ecoer was installed in 2019 with a lower set point temperature.

75 degrees vs 78 degrees on the prior unit.

Savings calculated based on Jerry’s March 2017 electric bill verses the 2018 electric bill. The annual consumption is $380 more than the most efficient homes in his area.

Ecoer in a Two-Story Townhome

Jerry Shive’s Ecoer ESI 18 SEER saved him more than $380 annually on his electricity bill in a 2,400 square foot two-story townhome.

Jerry’s House

2,400 square-foot 2-story townhouse
Built in 2008
3 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Attached Garage

Old Unit

Lennox Heat Pump with 14.0 Seer 410a


Ecoer Upgrade

Ecoer ESI 18 SEER





% Savings on Energy Bill

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