Ecoer RTi Rooftop Heat Pump

RTi-An inverter rooftop heat pump With IoT And EAC Technology.
Smart Just Got Even Smarter.
This new product is launching in Q2 of 2024


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Our Comfort Defense program, exclusive to our high-efficiency inverter heat pump systems, offers end users a remarkable benefit: 10-year parts and 10-year labor coverage (full system with IoT Gateway installed), all without any extra costs.
This program will revolutionize the market, creating heightened demand for our innovative systems and cutting edge IoT technology



Presenting Ecoer’s rooftop inverter heat pump, meticulously crafted for optimal performance and energy efficiency. Boasting an impressive 19 SEER2 and 9 HSPF2, this unit exemplifies our unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence. Immerse yourself in the ideal harmony of comfort and eco-friendliness, supported by a robust 57,000 BTU capacity that guarantees year-round comfort in your space. Elevate your experience by upgrading to Ecoer family and revolutionize the efficiency of your home heating and cooling systems.

Rooftop Unit:

    • High Efficiency – Up to 19 SEER2 / 9 HSPF2 
    • Fully modulating inverter drive 
    • Fully Automated Refrigerant Charge (FARC)
    • Wide cooling operational range from 20°F to 122°F
    • Backup running technology to keep the system working even with malfunctioning sensors
    • With Ecoer Smart IoT Technology, the system can automatically monitor and analyze the operation data to detect and diagnose possible faults and send alerts to service providers.
    • Sound level as low as 56dBA
    • Eligibility for IRA tax credit
    • Aluminum Coil for anti-corrosion
    • Universal footprint design ensures compatibility with a 42.2″x 46.1″ curb, providing versatility in installation.

    New Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat:

    • Voice command control
    • Up to 4H2C
    • 7-day / 8-period programming
    • Built-in weather forecast
    • OTA upgrade available
    • Power-off memory
    • Filter change reminder

    Ecolink Internet-based Gateway:

    • Based on current Internet access, no 4G LTE required, no more extra data charges and no password needed
    • One Gateway to receive data from multiple adaptors (up to 5) for the easiness and higher efficiency of the whole house HVAC system control
    • Lower power consumption with LPWAN technology
    • More reliable communication


    Making Your Home Green & Smart

    Smart, Quiet, and Affordable

    The new ECOER Roof Top Inverter Unit sets a new standard with its unparalleled features and advancements, ensuring an environment of utmost comfort and efficiency. With an impressive efficiency rating of up to 19 SEER2 and 9 HSPF2, you’ll experience exceptional energy savings while enjoying consistent and reliable performance.

    ECOER Roof Top Inverter Unit offers an enhanced user experience with a quicker start-up time, now 15% faster, ensuring your comfort is only a button press away.

    Experience the freedom of a wider cooling operation range, extending from 20°F to 122°F, allowing users to stay comfortable all year round. The ECOER Roof Top Inverter Unit inverter heat pump works even better when the temperature drops, boasting a 10% to 20% increase in heating capacity at temperatures as low as 17°F.

    Product Specifications

    Roof Top Unit Dimensions


    Model Width (in.) Height (in.) Depth (in.)
    ERDA19H-60AA 50-11/16 51-7/16 44-13/16

    Each Ecoer-matched system contains premium parts. Each of these elements guarantees that consistently, your residential equipment will deliver the comfort and dependability you anticipate, all while being cost-effective.


    Energy Savings: Save up to an estimated 50% in energy costs with this unit. Estimated energy savings up to 50% based on our rated matched system. The majority of systems installed prior to 2006 are 10 SEER or lower. Potential energy savings may vary depending on your lifestyle, system settings, equipment maintenance, local climate, home construction and installation of equipment and duct system.

    System efficiency is measured in SEER2, (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and HSPF2 (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). The higher the SEER2 and HSPF2, the greater the system’s energy efficiency, and the lower the overall carbon footprint of your household.

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