Ecolink-Internet Based IoT Technology

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This new product is launching in Q2 of 2024.


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10-Year Part and Labor Warranty on Full System

All functional parts are covered by a 10-Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty*. For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product, please review the product warranty by clicking on the link.

ABOUT Ecolink – Internet-based IoT Technology


The Ecolink Internet-based IoT Technology enables remote monitoring and analysis of your AC units via the Internet by our certified professionals. Additionally, in certain cases, remote maintenance can also be performed using this link.

  • Allows Multiple systems to connect (up to 5)
  • More reliable signal coverage
  • 10 Year Monitoring Service Included
  • Provides Real-time/History Data
  • No subscription fees
  • No need for a WiFi password
  • In scenarios involving multiple systems, the gateway seamlessly collects data from multiple adapters, streamlining the process and ensuring efficient data reception.
  • The gateway establishes a direct connection to the router through network cables, ensuring swift and reliable data transmission.
  • Ecoer offers a free monitoring service for up to 10 years, with Ecolink assisting in identifying any system issues, ensuring maintenance is worry-free.
  • Following the completion of installation, technicians can instantly view refrigerant and pressure parameters on the ESS Pro APP, ensuring a hassle-free and reliable installation.
  • Utilizing the home Wi-Fi network eliminates the need for an additional 4G subscription fee, enhancing your comfort experience and reducing costs.
  • With no requirement for a network password or intrusion into your home Wi-Fi network, homeowner privacy is safeguarded.

Ecolink Internet-based Gateway:

  • Based on current Internet access, no 4G LTE required, no more extra data charges and no password needed
  • One Gateway to receive data from multiple adaptors (up to 5) for the easiness and higher efficiency of the whole house HVAC system control
  • Lower power consumption with LPWAN technology
  • More reliable communication

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