Smart Thermostat

Wi-Fi Programmable Bright Color Touchscreen Thermostat.

Making Your Home More Green and Smart.

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Voice Control Available Through Amazon Alexa


  • Remotely adjust your thermostat from your smartphone
  • Voice Command Control
  • Easy Installation & Operation
  • 2.4/5G WiFi Compatible
  • Conventional (Up to 4H2C)
  • 7Day/8 Period Programming
  • Built-in weather forecast assists in automatically controlling the indoor fan speed to enhance dehumidification.
  • Filter Change Alert
  • Bright Color 4.0 Touch Screen
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Remote (OTA) Upgrade Available
  • Blackout Memory Retention
  • Ensure proper installation by a professional
  • Bluetooth Connection

Select Smart Thermostat EST02 Features Explained

Weather Forecast

Accessing real-time weather data lets your smart thermostat adjust temperature and humidity settings based on the weather forecast. It helps optimize your energy use while keeping your home comfortable.

Filter Change Alert

EST02 lets you set up maintenance reminders so that you can change the air filters on a regular schedule. It also prompts you for annual system cleanings or other maintenance necessities that are usually out of sight and out of mind.

Remote (OTA) updates

OTA update is convenient for end users because it prevents them from going to a physical store or connecting to a PC to update their devices. Instead, the end user only needs to press a button on their smartphone to download a software update.

Blackout Memory Retention – within 7 days

The thermostat stores the set point and schedule. When power is lost to the thermostat, the only information it “loses” is the current time. Once power is restored, the thermostat will resume its previous settings and configuration. It will also automatically reconnect to the WiFi network. Once reconnected, all features are accessible again.

Humidification Monitor & Control

Monitor and control humidity effortlessly using the built-in weather forecast feature.

3-Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a three-year limited warranty.



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Screen Display Unit 4.3 touchscreen LCM display Bright color 4.0
Programming 7-day / 4-period 7-day /8-period
Control with the app
Voice Command Control*
Weather Forecast
Conventional (Up to 4H2C)
2.4/5G WiFi Compatible
Filter Change Alerts
Easy Installation & Operation
3-Year Limited Warranty

* With Amazon’s Alexa

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