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Failed Parts

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      Warranty Proces

      Step 1:

      Contractor must call Technical Support Number 1-855-598-4093 or email while at the jobsite to determine issue. They will be able to help determine issue from by using the IoT Gateway data. If deemed a warranty claim, you will receive an RMA to give to your distributor.

      Step 2:

      Distributor should log onto Ecoer website and select Claim at the top of the site. Fill out Dealer/Contractor and Homeowner information and follow the prompts to submit. Please provide the RMA that the contractor received from Technical Support to process the claim.

      Step 3:

      For most warranty claims involving specified parts (ie. PC Board, Motors, Compressor, Coils, TXV), the part must be brought back to the distributor you purchased the Ecoer unit from. Distributors must send part back to Ecoer Inc. for testing and full credit.

      Distributor/Dealer/Homeowner Information


      The one who you buy Ecoer products from.

      Installing Dealer/Contractor


      Check it from Ecoer Smart Service Mobile App. “Me -- Contractor -- Contractor NO.”



      Unit Location

      Installed Date

      Failed Parts Information

      Note: The serial number corresponding to the part must be filled in

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      Describe the nature of the problem and the service work performed. Give all proper information, including failed components, specific leak locations, i.e. "repaired leak" will not be accepted.

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