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Experience Winter Like Never Before with Our Innovative Furnace

Ecoer launched its first condensing MGH series. It is an ideal solution for heating your home with an AFUE heating efficiency of 96%. Ecoer utilizes multiple technologies to provide its customers with a high-quality furnace that saves energy. At Ecoer, we believe it is a new era of heating through your furnace.

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Cabinet Size


Model Width (in.) Height (in.) Depth (in.)
MGH96M060B3A 17-1/2 33-3/4 28-1/2
MGH96M080B3A 17-1/2 33-3/4 28-1/2
MGH96M080C4A 21 33-3/4 28-1/2
MGH96M100C5A 21 33-3/4 28-1/2
MGH96M100D5A 24-1/2 33-3/4 28-1/2
MGH96M120D5A 24-1/2 33-3/4 28-1/2

Technical Information

  • High Efficiency: Up to 96% AFUE heating efficiency that is ENERGY STAR-rated.
  • Comfortable: Designed with two stages to prevent drastic temperature swings and to keep your furnace running longer.
  • 3-way multi-pose design: Flexibility in multiple types of installations, available in up-flow (right or left return) and horizontal orientations.
  • Hassle-free installation: All furnaces come standard with natural gas to propane gas conversion kit.
  • 2 stage×13 ECM motors: All Ecoer models operate efficiently and quietly.
  • Hot-surface ignition: Dependable ignition, more reliable performance.
  • Durable parts: Durable aluminized steel tubular heat exchanger and stainless-steel secondary heat exchanger.
  • Pairs with Ecoer heat pump: Achieving up to 20 SEER2.
  • Compact design: Low Profile cabinet construction allows for installation in tight spaces. Convenient left or right-hand connection for gas and electric service.
  • High-quality cabinet: The cabinet is painted galvanized steel with an anti-rust coating, that passes a 500-hour salt spray test.
  • LED fault diagnostics: Quick and easy service calls.

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