Announcing Premier Comfort

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Press Releases, Uncategorized

Ecoer Announces Premier Comfort | A Homeowner Peace of Mind Product

Ecoer’s new product, Premier Comfort, ensures a homeowner’s peace-of-mind by providing up to 10 years of monitoring, 10 years of parts and 10 years of labor warranty on every Ecoer High Efficiency Heating and Air Conditioning System in the United States. Contact a local dealer for more details and qualifications!

Ecoer’s top priority is being there for homeowners during this crisis. Many people are quarantined at home with their families because of COVID-19 and the world around them remains uncertain. At this time, HVAC systems are constantly running to keep families comfortable, but what happens if something goes wrong? 

Ecoer’s innovative IoT Gateway System works alongside the Smart Service Pro Mobile App to let a Certified Ecoer Dealer know if a system requires maintenance. Ecoer’s technology allows systems to be monitored 24/7 so that homeowners receive around-the-clock care. Homeowners will also receive alerts with real-time data and suggestions on how to improve home efficiency on the HVAC systems level and more. 

Ecoer is a US Company that focuses on offering the best ducted Residential Air Conditioner and Heat Pump systems using Inverter and “Smart” IoT Technology. Ecoer’s goals are to provide homeowners with a high efficiency product at an affordable price, simplify the installation process for contractors, and make it easy for contractors to stay connected to homeowners and residential systems. Ecoer’s mission is to make homes Green and Smart. To learn more about Ecoer go to: