Benefits of a Smart HVAC System

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Blog

Preparing for the new year typically includes setting aside time for travel and family. When families leave their homes for an extended time, most families may decrease the temperature on their thermostat or completely turn it off to save money and energy. While that is a traditional method, smart thermostats offer another option. There are many benefits of a smart HVAC system, and this new technology helps homeowners leave any repairs or maintenance to the pros.


Smart HVAC systems allow homeowners to go about their day and plans. A smart thermostat can be controlled on a smart device, which means that homeowners can change the temperature and control the fan speed of their homes while on the go. Ecoers Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat can also be voice-controlled by connecting with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


The Ecoer Smart Service System technology takes the burden of tracking maintenance schedules and repairs off of the homeowner. When an Ecoer system is installed with our IoT Gateway Technology, the installing contractor will be able to monitor the HVAC system. The contractor will receive alerts if the refrigerant is leaking, if the filter needs to be cleaned or replaced, or if there is a system or component failure. Homeowners can enjoy peace of mind when choosing Ecoer.


One of the many benefits of a smart HVAC system is that there is a record of data based on the systems past optimal performances and malfunctions. Ecoers HVAC Smart Service can provide data on cooling and heating output, system status (pressure and temperature), and system faults. The collected data helps contractors understand the usage patterns and past issues to recommend the best ways to maintain an HVAC system.


Contact a local Ecoer dealer to learn more about a Smart HVAC System! Ecoer is on a mission to make homes more comfortable through innovative technology while saving homeowners money! EcoerIoT Technology makes life simple. Enjoy peace of mind when you choose an Ecoer HVAC system for your home.