Best HVAC Questions to Ask Before Buying an HVAC system

by | Aug 31, 2021 | Blog

Knowing the best HVAC questions to ask will help those who want to update their systems to narrow down their selections. An HVAC system is usually an afterthought until it begins to malfunction. Many factors impact a homeowners’ decision on which HVAC system to purchase, and it is vital to choose one that is the right fit for each homeowners’ lifestyle. Choosing a dealer can be challenging.

Best HVAC Questions: Does My System Need to be Repaired or Replaced?

This question may be the most critical one to ask an HVAC technician when homeowners are unsure. The answer is typically different for each homeowner, but there are some general guidelines to follow. A replacement is most likely the answer if the HVAC system was produced and installed before 2006. Older systems are not as energy efficient as current ones, which means that homeowners may be spending more money than they need to on their utility bills! Ecoer’s residential systems can help homeowners save up to about 50% in energy costs.

Best HVAC Questions: How Can I Efficiently Heat and Cool My Home?

Choosing the best products to heat and cool a home depends on three essential factors: location, the size of the house, and personal preferences. For homeowners in the South, a powerful and properly functioning air conditioner will be important to have. Meanwhile, a durable furnace and air conditioning system will help through the harsh winters of the North. The size of a home determines how much energy the HVAC system requires to function properly, affecting the utility bill. As for personal preference, some families prefer their homes to be a bit cooler while others prefer it to feel warmer. Personal preference is why it is important to consider an energy-efficient system.

Best HVAC Questions: What Size HVAC System is Best For Me?

A technician can help answer this question based on the size of a home. If the size of an HVAC system is too big, the system will actually provide less comfort than if was sized properly. If it is too small, the system will use a significant amount of energy to keep up with the demand while not provide comfort in more extreme conditions.

Is There an Energy-Efficient Option That Can Help to Save Money?

Yes! Ecoer’s inverter technology allows the system to use only as much energy as it needs, saving homeowners from paying more than required on their utility bills. A variable speed system maintains consistent comfort levels by using the proper amount of energy needed regardless of outdoor conditions. By fluctuating operating speeds rather than running at a constant speed, the Ecoer system saves energy by maximizing lower speed operation while maintaining a consistent temperature inside your home. Ecoer is on a mission to make homes cooler and more comfortable through innovative technology while saving homeowners money! Ecoer’s Smart Thermostat and IoT Technology make life simple. Enjoy peace of mind when you choose an Ecoer HVAC system for your home.