ECOER Launches Its Next Generation Flagship Technology: Ecoer Automated Charge (EAC)

by | Apr 23, 2024 | Blog, Press Releases

Ecoer, a trailblazer in residential HVAC innovation, proudly unveils its latest groundbreaking technology, EAC, the Ecoer Automated Charge. Designed to empower HVAC contractors with a seamless, hassle-free experience, EAC represents a significant leap forward in the industry as the global leader in inverter-driven and IoT-connected heat pump manufacturing. Ecoer integrates proprietary IoT and AI-based machine control technologies into its Gen2 product line, ESi Decades Extreme series, and new products launched in Q2 like RTi and TDi, etc.

What is EAC

EAC is the industry’s first fully digitized method for charging inverter-driven residential heat pump systems. This revolutionary technology streamlines the refrigerant-charging process by eliminating the need for gauges and minimizing human error. With the touch of their fingertips to establish the setpoint, contractors can now step back as the system autonomously handles the process, ensuring unparalleled efficiency, precision, and reliability without constant monitoring.

EAC technology benefits contractors by facilitating effortless, rapid, and dependable installations. It also optimizes HVAC system performance for end-users. This ultimately enhances customer satisfaction, ensuring they can rely on their HVAC system for comfort and efficiency.

Ecoer Regional Sales Manager, Matt Giordano

“Ecoer Automated Charge represents a significant advancement in HVAC technology, providing contractors with a level of efficiency and precision previously unimaginable,” says Matt Giordano, Regional Sales Manager of Ecoer North America. “This innovation underscores Ecoer’s commitment to revolutionizing the industry and delivering unmatched value to our customers.”