Ecoer Adds Thermostat to Offerings

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Press Releases

Ecoer is a relatively new player in the HVAC industry but was looking to make a splash at the most recent AHR Expo.

Founded in 2016 by a team led by Louis Ing, president of Ecoer, the company was developed as a result of a need in the HVAC industry. The company aligned itself with a strategic partner, Inhand Networks, in order to accomplish their collective vision. Through the use of Inhand’s industrial IoT and AI technology, the team was able to develop a high-efficiency inverter heat pump and air conditioning system, incorporating smart technology. Over the past two years, Ecoer has grown, with multiple locations in three countries: headquarters, technical support center, and warehouse in the U.S.; software development facility in Japan; and product quality control and manufacturing in China.

In Atlanta, the company introduced its first Wi-Fi programmable touchscreen thermostat. It offers connectivity through an app and is compatible with most 24-V controlled systems. It is able to control indoor fan speed for better dehumidification control, has a modern design, and is simple to use.

“We wanted it to be able to offer additional controls of the indoor unit,” said Aaron Fagan, national sales manager for Ecoer. “It will control the indoor fan speed from the blower motor. We are providing this as a convenience to our customers — we had tremendous response at AHR.”

Ecoer was also showing its 17- to 20- SEER Inverter Heat Pump and AC with smart IoT technology.

“The inverter gives high efficiency,” Fagan said. “That means a big energy savings for homeowners. We have six sensors throughout the system. Those sensors lead to the PC board, which transmits it through the IoT gateway, which is the box that goes on the side of the unit. The box transmits using cellular data and puts the information into the cloud, where it goes in an app to the contractor.”

Contractors are equipped with 24/7 monitoring of all their customers’ units. They will receive an alert if there is an issue with the system, so they can contact the homeowner to let them know.

The Ecoer Smart Service app is designed to make contractors’ jobs easier. It offers remote monitoring and troubleshooting from the smart device. In addition to 24/7 monitoring, the app allows the view of system history data for up to 60 days and displays the conditions of system and power consumption.

“Millennials who want to be connected are a big audience for this,” Fagan said. “They have grown up wanting to be connected in every way, shape, and form. They like knowing someone is watching the system.

“It is also good for the older community who do not want to worry about a broken system,” he added. “Someone is going to respond even before they make that call.”