Energy Efficiency and Smart Thermostats Go Hand in Hand

by | Jun 8, 2021 | Blog

Smart thermostats make it easier than ever for homeowners to keep their homes comfortable without even thinking about it. However, there’s a lot more to the importance of having a smart thermostat besides convenience.

Here are 3 reasons why smart thermostats are key to energy efficiency in an HVAC System.

1. Reduced Energy Usage and Cost

HVAC units without a smart thermostat often run on only one speed, and must be adjusted manually. This leaves the burden of determining ideal temperature and efficient energy usage on the homeowner, leading to large fluctuations in energy usage. Homeowners often adjust the temperature when it’s already too hot or too cold, and often at levels that are not optimal for efficient energy use.

Smart thermostats automatically adjust temperature based upon outside temperatures, pre-set schedules, and humidity levels without the homeowner having to do so. The HVAC system is kept at a constant and efficient temperature that is comfortable, and saves energy. Homeowners can even set automatic schedules to lower at night to optimal sleep temperatures, and stay at an eco-friendly temperature when no one is home.

2. Energy Efficiency Reports

Smart thermostats send energy consumption reports to HVAC pros and homeowners. This allows them to see projected energy bills and find ways to save energy throughout the month. Smart thermostats with IoT Gateway Technology, like Ecoer’s Smart Service System, even send customized energy saving tips to homeowners and HVAC pros.

3. Alerts to HVAC Pros of Issues and Maintenance

One of the leading causes of expensive unit repairs and replacements is negligence in scheduling routine maintenance. Homeowners often do not call their HVAC pro until the unit is completely down, leading to costly repairs that could have been prevented. Ecoer’s Smart Service System, send alerts of routine maintenance, system outages, and necessary repairs directly to HVAC pros, allowing them to troubleshoot the system remotely and do preventative service.

Smart thermostats take the guesswork out of energy efficiency with HVAC systems. To learn more about Ecoer’s IoT Gateway System, and how their innovative tech looks beyond just the SEER ratio to save money and the environment, visit: