Ecoer IoT Gateway Monitoring Service

First-Ever Smart HVAC IoT Gateway
It provides you with remote diagnosis, monitoring, and maintenance.

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Outstanding Limited 10-YEAR Protected Warranty*

All functional parts are covered by a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty*. For a full description of all warranties applicable to this product, please review the product warranty by clicking on the link below.



ESSS provides automatic alerts when:

  • The refrigerant level is too high/low, or if there is a leak
  • The filter requires cleaning or replacement
  • System or component failure

ESSS provides real-time/ historic data on:

  • Cooling/heating capacity
  • System status (pressure, temperature)
  • System faults

ESSS recommends solutions for:

  • Each potential fault encountered by the user
  • Components/parts preparation
  • Customer’s home efficiency improvement

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What the ESSS (Ecoer Smart Service) bring to our customer:

Get alerted and stay comfortable.

Step 1: Select Your Plan Out of the Following 2 Options

ESSM003Y – $99 Monitoring Service w/4G Network for first 3 years for 3rd party matchup systems of an Ecoer Condenser w/IoT + EXISTING IDU

ESSM010Y – $599 7 Years Monitoring Service w/4G Network and 7 years Premiere Comfort Labor coverage (years 4-10)
*Ecoer offers first 3 years monitoring service and 3 years Labor coverage out of the box for free for Ecoer Matched systems and Ecoer ODU/ NEW 3rd party matchup!! *

Step 2: Get Your IoT Gateway Serial Number (SN) Ready

Scan it, take a photo or write down the number of the IoT Gateway on the outdoor unit.

Step 3: Purchase Your Plan

Call 1-855-598-4093 and our tech support department will securely take your payment over the phone. Please have your IoT serial number ready.

Step 4: Confirmation

You’ll receive an email with a confirmation number from Ecoer Inc. This will be used as your proof of purchase.

*Ecoer matched system = Ecoer condenser + Ecoer IDU + IoT gateway

*New 3rd Party Matchup = Ecoer ODU + IoT Gateway + New 3rd Party IDU/New Coil/New Cased Coil

Prices subject to change. All rights reserved by Ecoer Inc.

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