The Connected Contractor

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Blog

Staying connected to homeowners and AC installations as a contractor makes the job that much simpler! Ecoer’s patented and innovative technology allows the connected contractors to monitor their installations 24/7 and make changes to a system remotely, if needed. As the future of residential HVAC moves toward a technology-based service, Ecoer is already there and only focuses on continuous improvement. Here is how Ecoer makes the Connected Contractor possible.

IoT Gateway System

Ecoer’s IoT Gateway System, or Smart Service System, provides contractors with automatic alerts, real time and historic data, and recommendations for possible issues that are detected. Contractors are notified if refrigerant levels are imbalanced or leaking, when is it time to clean or replace the filter, and if there is a system or component failure. These alerts allow Ecoer contractors to respond in a timely manner as well as give insight into what the issue could be.

The data that contractors have access to helps them to understand the Ecoer unit itself. Contractors are able to view the cooling and heating capacity, the system’s pressure and temperature, and any current or past system faults. In addition, Ecoer’s Smart Service System will recommend solutions for potential faults that the users face with their unit, for components or parts preparation as well as any improvements that will help a unit to run more efficiently.

Smart Service Pro App

The IoT Gateway System coupled with the Smart Service Pro App are what sets Ecoer apart from other HVAC companies. The ability to make changes to an installation remotely decreases the need for in-person visits, which saves contractors mileage and allows homeowners freedom to run errands without needing to be home at a certain time to speak with their contractor. Ecoer believes in providing homeowners with consistent comfort in a convenient, efficient, and innovative way.

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