What is an HVAC Hero?

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Blog

Heroes come to the rescue at the exact moment help is needed! When an air conditioning system malfunctions, an AC technician is ready to save the day. While most technicians come after receiving a call, all an Ecoer HVAC Hero needs is a mobile notification from an Ecoer system with IoT Gateway Technology. An Ecoer HVAC Hero is an Ecoer Certified Dealer installing a system that includes the IoT Gateway. The HVAC Heroes offer worry-free heating and air conditioning systems using Ecoer’s patented and innovative technology. Homeowners have a significant advantage of “buying and forgetting” when they choose an Ecoer system. Enjoy Peace of Mind, and leave the repairs to the heroes. Ecoer dealers provide homeowners with Peace of Mind because they know their Ecoer system can have up to 10 years of parts, 10 years of monitoring, and 10 years of labor warranty through the Premier Comfort program. An Ecoer HVAC Hero will step up a system to perform optimally using IoT cloud-based technology. This technology runs 24/7 to guarantee that the installing dealer will be notified of any problems via the smart alert function, sometimes before the problem causes a system disruption! Ecoer’s mission is to make homes Green and Smart. Ecoer strives to provide a high-efficiency product at an affordable price, simplify the inverter install process and connect the contractor to the homeowner and their systems. Save money, time, and energy by choosing Ecoer. Learn more at: https://www.ecoer.com/ Contact us to find out how to become a differentiator by becoming an Ecoer HVAC Hero: https://www.ecoer.com/contact/