What is the Optimal AC Temperature?

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Blog

With the changing seasons, what is the optimal AC temperature for homeowners? Research shows that the optimal temperature changes throughout the day depending on different goals, lifestyles, and geographical locations. While one of the best ways to understand what works well is to experiment, there are a few ways experts recommend for saving money while staying comfortable.

What Is The Best Temperature for an Air Conditioner in Warm Weather?

It may be tempting to set the temperature as low as possible when it is hot and humid outside, but the expensive price included in that utility bill for the cool temperature will stop homeowners from doing it again. The Department of Energy’s suggested optimal temperature to stay comfortable while saving money is 78 degrees. Experts also suggest that homeowners may turn the temperature above or below 78 by a couple of degrees without significantly affecting the corresponding utility bill.

Set the Thermostat at a Higher Temperature When No One is Home

While 78 degrees proves to be the optimal temperature for many households, adjusting the temperature higher by up to 10 degrees can help to save energy costs.

Other Ways to Help Save Energy Costs

1. Use the ceiling fan to help cool down.

The temperature itself may not cool down, but the airflow will help homeowners feel cooler and comfortable with the breeze. This method is a great way to help lower energy costs since fans use less energy than an air conditioner.

2. Close the blinds or window-coverings during the daytime.

By reducing the amount of heat and sunlight coming into the home, the home can feel cooler.

3. Invest in a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat helps homeowners to control their AC system wherever they are. With the power to control fan speeds, humidity levels, and temperatures, air conditioners can run more efficiently. At the same time, homeowners will be able to save even more on energy costs.

4.  Choose a variable capacity product.

When choosing a new system, either in a new home build, or replacing your existing system, choose a variable capacity product. Variable-capacity through inverter technology adjusts to the demand of your home, rather than just full-on or full-off.  This typically can save up to 50% energy savings over older less efficient models.

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